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Cost Of Skirting Boards 2024 | £3.07 Per Metre | Replacement Cost

Cost Of Skirting Boards 2024 | £3.07 Per Metre | Replacement Cost

Posted by Skirting World on 21st Jun 2024

Cost of skirting boards

You could pay as little as £3.07 per metre of skirting boards or as much as £20.60.

Learn how much it costs to replace skirting boards and how to maximise value when buying new skirting boards for your property.

Cost of Skirting Boards

The price of skirting boards can range from as low as £3.07 per metre to as high as £20.60 per metre. Learn how much it costs to replace skirting boards and get tips on maximising value when buying new skirting boards for your property. 

Material Cost

The cost of skirting boards is influenced by their material, height, thickness, length, and finish. For instance, Skirting World's MDF skirting boards are some of the cheapest on the market:

  • Smallest Skirting Board Size: 70mm height, 15mm thickness, 4200mm length, an unprimed finish, and no rebate — they cost £3.07 (ex VAT) per metre.
  • Largest Skirting Board Size: 400mm height, 25mm thickness, 3050mm length, a matt grey finish, and a rebate — the cost can rise to £20.60 (ex VAT) per metre.

That's a cost increase of 671% per metre! While 400mm tall and 70mm short skirting boards are extremely rare and mostly impractical for the average home, this example shows how much the material size and attributes affects the final cost.

  • Average UK Skirting Board Size: 145mm height, 18mm thickness, 4200mm lengths an unprimed finish and no rebate - they come at a cost of just £5.71 (ex VAT) per metre - A good balance between cost and size, to ensure your skirting boards look the best they can, at the best value.

(All of  Skirting World's MDF profiles have a flat price per metre - you won't pay more for a different design unless it's bespoke!).

Most Popular
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Bullnose MDF Skirting Board

Elevate your interior with our premium Bullnose Skirting Board. Its sleek profile adds a touch of elegance while ensuring easy maintenance.

£8.82 Ex. VAT
  • Low Maintenance: Dust resistant design
  • High Density MDF Material: Long-lasting quality
  • Easy Installation: Perfect for DIY enthusiasts

Boards were primed very well, well packaged and protected. The prices were some of the best considering the small size of the order.

- Jonathon O., Verified Customer


Cost Of Skirting Boards For A Living Room

For a living room with a 30m perimeter, the cost of skirting boards can range widely depending on your choices. 
  1. Using the average UK skirting board size, at £5.71 (ex VAT) per metre, you would spend approximately £171.13 (ex VAT).
  2. Using our lowest cost option at £3.07 per metre, you would spend approximately £92.10 (ex VAT).
  3. Using the most expensive option at £20.60 per metre, you would spend £618 (ex VAT).

Labour Cost

Based on various sources, here are the average costs for different types of labour involved in skirting board installation (These figures are only averages gathered from various sources, your cost could be higher or lower):

Labour Type Average Cost (£) Cost Range (£)
Installation (per metre) 7 5 - 15
Daily Rates 191.67 100 - 300
Painting (per room) 250.00 200 - 300
Painting (per metre) 7.50 5 - 10
Removal and Disposal 35.00 20 - 50

Labour costs for installing skirting boards can vary based on the complexity of the job and the region. On average, you can expect to pay between £100 to £200 for a standard room. 

This includes the removal of old skirting boards and the installation of new ones. Complex installations with intricate designs or in larger spaces may cost more.

In general, the closer you are to London, the more you can expect to pay. 

  • Standard room: £100 - £200
  • Complex installations (concealing pipes, skirting board heating etc): £200 - £400

It's important to get quotes from multiple professionals to ensure you get the best price for your project.

Removal Cost

Removing old skirting boards typically costs around £20 to £50, depending on the size of the room and the difficulty of the job. This cost is often included in the labour charge if you're hiring a professional to install new skirting boards. If you choose to remove the skirting boards yourself, you can save on this cost, but it requires time and effort.

Consider whether your time and effort are worth the savings, or if hiring a professional is the better option.

Finishing Costs

Finishing costs for skirting boards can include  painting, staining, or varnishing. These costs can add an additional £5 to £15 per metre. If you opt for pre-finished skirting boards, you can save on these costs, although pre-finished options might be more expensive upfront. Consider the following options:

  • Painting: £5 - £10 per metre
  • Staining: £7 - £12 per metre
  • Varnishing: £10 - £15 per metre

Pre-finished skirting boards can save you time and labour costs but may cost more initially. Weigh the pros and cons based on your budget and time availability.

For example, gloss painting skirting boards in poor condition with lots of filler required could cost around £7.50 per metre, the less prepared your material is, the more it will cost. And if you want  specialised skirting board colours, expect to pay more.

Maximising Value

Here are a few additional tips to help you maximise value when buying and installing skirting boards:

  • Bulk Purchase: Consider buying in bulk to get discounts. Many suppliers offer reduced rates for larger orders.
  • DIY Installation: If you have the skills and tools, installing skirting boards yourself can save on labour costs. We have plenty of guides and tools to help you!
  • Reuse and Recycle: If your old skirting boards are in good condition, you can repaint, refinish them to give them a new look, saving money on materials.
  • Choose the Right Material: MDF is generally cheaper than softwood and can be a good option if you're on a tight budget. However, softwood offers more durability and can be worth the investment for high-traffic areas.