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Bespoke Skirting Board Service

Take full creative control and own the process with our bespoke skirting board service, with your tailored skirting boards from order to door in just 2 weeks.

If you need to match existing mouldings in the home, have a designer skirting profile in mind that we don’t stock, or small alterations to our current designs, our bespoke team is ready to help.

With a small sample offcut or drawing with exact measurements and a small extra fee, we can manufacture a 100% match.

The Bespoke Process

1. Design Consultation

Get in contact with our in-house design specialists about your custom skirting board or interior moulding. Talk to us via email, phone, or in-person at our showroom. You can also submit an enquiry at the form below. We can produce new designs, match existing skirting boards or simply make alterations to our standard range and much more.


2. Provide Project Details

To receive an accurate quote, please submit the following information: Dimensions (height, length, depth) of your desired skirting boards, preferred material (MDF or Pine), and any additional relevant details or requirements that may help. You can also include images or technical drawings for reference.


3. Matching Existing Skirting Boards

If you need to match existing skirting, we may request a small offcut sample in the mail for a perfect match. We'll guide you through the super easy offcut submission process.


4. Custom Tooling

A custom tool may be required to match your unique design. This tool becomes your property, and you can choose to receive it or have us store it for any future orders. The cost of a custom tool ranges from £80 to £120 (excluding VAT) and depends on the design complexity. The tooling fee is a one off payment and we generally hold custom tools for 12 months.


5. Quote

Once we receive your details, we'll provide a quote for your custom skirting boards. The material cost of bespoke skirting boards are exactly the same as our standard online prices. For example, if you require a 145mm x 18mm x 4200m length of skirting but with a bespoke profile, the price would be the same as a normal length in any of our standard designs + the tooling fee.


6. Production

Upon confirmation, our experienced machinists will begin production in our Birmingham factory. Lead time on bespoke orders is generally 2 weeks.


7. Free Delivery

We offer free delivery of your custom skirting boards directly to your doorstep with our dedicated courier service. We also offer upgraded delivery options.


8. Get Started Today

Ready to create your dream skirting boards? Contact our team to begin your project.

Order A Bespoke Skirting Sample

If you want to try your bespoke skirting boards before you buy them, order a sample!

Custom Dimensions

We can cut your skirting to your exact size or you can choose from our standard height and depth ranges.

Custom Design

If there is a particular profile design you have in mind and you don’t find it in our range, don’t hesitate to contact our team, our bespoke service can create a 100% match for existing skirting boards or even create a new design that you have drawn up yourself. If you’re not settled on a design, consult our design specialists for some inspiration and help to craft your perfect one-of-a-kind skirting board.
We can also provide custom architraveswindow boardsplinth blocksdoor frames, shelves, dado and picture rails, radiator covers and much more.


Our In-house design specialists will get back to you as soon as possible.

We're waiting to hear from you!

A lot of useful information can be found on our help centre pages. For anything else, reach out to our friendly customer service team.
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