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The Finish Option

What Is The Finish Option For?

This option is chosen when you are purchasing any of our products. Using this option, you can either choose to have the materials undercoated (sprayed white - sanded, 1 coat of water based primer applied, sanded again, 1 coat of undercoat applied), primed (sprayed white - sanded, 1 coat of water based primer applied) or unprimed (left as bare material).

Do I Need To Have My Products Undercoated / Primed?

No, you don't have to get your materials undercoated or primed by us. However, if you are buying MDF (now all HDF) from us and you choose the unprimed option, you will need to prime and then undercoat the materials before applying your final paint finish.

If you choose the primed option, you will need to undercoat the boards before applying your final top coat finish.

Without at least a single coat of primer, any paint coat that is applied may soak into the profiled section (the design).

The boards also need to be sanded between and after each coat of primer to ensure the final finish is smooth. This adds to the time it will take to prepare the products for their final finish incurring more labour costs on site.

This is why we recommend having the order undercoated / primed by ourselves - it is slightly more expensive but will save you a lot of time when it comes to installation. We also have a purpose built spray machine which applies the primer quickly and efficiently and making sure to give you a smooth finish.

Oscar MDF Skirting in Raw Unprimed HDFOscar MDF Skirting Board In Undercoated HDF

Skirting boards unprimed and undercoated

I Want The Order Undercoated / Primed - Will This Take Longer To Receive?

Generally speaking, it does take longer for us to produce an undercoated or a primed order. This is because it needs to be sprayed and then dried before it can be packaged for dispatch.

With an unprimed order, the goods are machined and can almost immediately be packed up and sent out the door for delivery.

If you are in a rush for skirtings and architraves, don't worry. We can turn around an undercoated / primed order for delivery within 2 working days (see our delivery page for more information about our Super Fast Delivery).

Does The Undercoat / Primer Cover The Whole Board?

As standard, we only undercoat and prime the areas that are visible once the boards are fitted (front face and top edge on skirting, for example). There may be over spray on other parts of the board.

However, window boards are undercoated / primed all round as standard.

A customer that is ordering a detailed profile (such as Victorian 1) may benefit more from choosing undercoated than a customer that is ordering a simple profile (such as Bullnose).

We are able to undercoat / prime our products all over but it does incur an extra cost. You won't be able to select the fully primed option online but we can place these orders over the phone or via email for you.