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Huge Skirting Board Range

Manufactured in-house with next day delivery available. Our prices won't be beaten on like-for-like products.

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Skirting Board Covers

Totally transform your living space without needing a full scale renovation. Our Skirting Board Covers are super easy to install and offer a quick win when redecorating.

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Discover Our Lookbook

A lookbook is a collection of visual materials that showcase the design and style options available for these popular interior finishing products. It typically includes high-quality photographs or renderings of different MDF skirting profiles, door designs, and door frame styles, along with information about the materials used, colours, and finishes.


The lookbook may also feature inspiring room settings and decorating ideas to help customers envision how these products can enhance the look and feel of their homes or commercial spaces. Overall, the lookbook serves as a valuable tool for builders, architects, designers, and homeowners who are looking for inspiration and guidance in selecting the best MDF skirting, doors, and door frames for their project.


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Skirting Board And Architrave

Manufactured By Skirting World

We are a company based in Birmingham in the UK and we deliver skirting boards and architrave all over the country. We provide you with the cheapest quotations without compromising on quality - here at Skirting World we take pride in our work. With a huge range of profile designs and a wide selection of sizes, we have everything to suit your needs - from a piece of fancy skirting board to a bulk order of MDF skirting boards.

Why Choose MDF Skirting Boards?

MDF has quickly become the standard material to use for skirting boards throughout the UK. A skirting board made from MDF is free of impurities and will last much longer than your average softwood skirting boards. Should you need a skirting board that is moisture resistant, we offer the superior HDF material in 4200mm lengths at competitive prices.

All of our skirting boards have a matching architrave so you can have a consistent look throughout your home. If you have any questions regarding our products on offer, do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team here at Skirting World.

We use only the best quality materials including MDF, HDF and Pine and we custom make all of our products to order. If you're looking for skirting boards and architraves at the best prices on the web, look no further than


Skirting World Take Pride In Their Work...

Not only do we make sure that all of our materials are sourced responsibly and are of the highest quality possible, our manufacturing process is just as important. Our specialist team take the MDF through it's transformation from a sheet to skirting boards (or architraves) from start to finish. The sheets are inspected for impurities and then cut down to the intended size (height of the skirting boards, width of architraves, etc.). Once this has been completed, one of our machinists run the board through our moulding machine or spindle to cut away the chosen design. Another visual inspection is made before the boards are passed to the spray room where our in house french polisher applies to layers of primer to the skirting (if ordered as primed). The boards are hand sanded between coats and once fully dry, a denibbing machine is used to make the finished product smooth and ready for a final layer of paint.

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