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Posted by Lee Watkinson on 7th Dec 2023

"Architrave" is a strange word to many of us, yet architraves are in every home, including yours! This interior moulding, most commonly used around doors, has a rich and interesting history in architecture, originating in Ancient Greece and persisting till today and likely the foreseeable future. Read on to learn more about architraves, the different types, the interior design princip… Read more

Posted by Skirting World on 30th Nov 2023

There is a certain charm to picture rails, but this practical design feature that once adorned Victorian state homes, is rarely found in modern British properties. But picture rails and other decorative wall mouldings are becoming increasingly on-trend, and for both functional and aesthetic purposes, picture rails are finding their way back into the British home. Read on to learn how pictu… Read more
Skirting is everywhere! You can find it in almost every residential and commercial British property and in properties around the world. But how did skirting originate and why does everyone use it? Read on to learn why skirting boards are used in homes, why and when they originated and the different types of skirting! Order A Free Skirting Sample What Is Skirting? Skirting (also… Read more

Posted by Skirting World on 9th Nov 2023

The height of your skirting boards is crucial for maintaining a cohesive and balanced interior design aesthetic. A few mm's can make or break the impact of skirting boards on your room! Read on to learn how to choose the perfect skirting height based on interior design principles, practicality and functionality! Order A Free Skirting Sample Choosing The Perfect Skirting Board… Read more