The Height Option

What is the height option for?The Height Option

This option is chosen when you are purchasing MDF skirting boards (or pine skirtings!). It allows you to select how tall you want the skirting to be.

How do I know which height to choose?

The average height for skirting boards throughout the UK is 145mm (approximately 6 inches). When it comes to choosing the height for your skirting, it comes down to personal preference. We have found that our most popular sizes range from 120mm (approximately 5 inches) up to 220mm (approximately 9 inches).

Will the design change size if I change the height of the skirting board?

No, the design never changes size. Here's an example:

The Ovolo design is approximately 50mm. If you choose a 70mm skirting, the design will still be 50mm and there will be 20mm of plain material underneath it. If you choose a 195mm skirting, the design will still be 50mm and there will be 145mm of plain material underneath it.

All of the skirting board images on the product pages show a skirting board at approximately 150mm tall (6 inches). Please bear this in mind when choosing a skirting board height.

Heights converted from millimetres to centimetres

Here's a list of all of our standard skirting board heights converted from millimetres to centimetres:

  • 70mm is 7cm
  • 95mm is 9.5cm
  • 120mm is 12cm
  • 145mm is 14.5cm
  • 170mm is 17cm
  • 195mm is 19.5cm
  • 220mm is 22cm
  • 250mm is 25cm
  • 270mm is 27cm
  • 300mm is 30cm
  • 350mm is 35cm
  • 400mm is 40cm

Heights converted from millimetres to inches (approximate)

For those of you that work in inches, we have converted millimetres to inches below (rounded up to the closest whole inch):

  • 70mm is 3 inches
  • 95mm is 4 inches
  • 120mm is 5 inches
  • 145mm is 6 inches
  • 170mm is 7 inches
  • 195mm is 8 inches
  • 220mm is 9 inches
  • 250mm is 10 inches
  • 270mm is 11 inches
  • 300mm is 12 inches
  • 350mm is 14 inches
  • 400mm is 16 inches