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Our Skirting Board Profile Designs

Our Skirting Board Profile Designs

Posted by Lee Watkinson on 23rd Oct 2013

We Have Lots Of Designs To Choose From

Here at Skirting World Ltd, we have a lot of skirting board profile designs to choose from.

Common Designs In The UK

You may have seen some of them before like OgeeTorus and Bullnose as these are pretty common designs for the industry.

Ogee 1 MDF Skirting BoardTorus Type 2 MDF Skirting BoardBullnose MDF Skirting Board

They are readily available from most large DIY outlets and we also produce them.

This is because a lot of customers end up having some kind of work done inside their home and they end up needing to match existing skirtings or even replace them.

But we also have a lot of very different designs that other companies don't offer.

UPDATE: we now have over 100 designs to choose from!

Modern And Contemporary Designs

Our bullnose skirting range featuring grooves are very popular and ideally named by how they look. They definitely fit under the modern and contemporary skirting board category.

Grooved 1 Bullnose MDF Skirting BoardGrooved 2 Bullnose MDF Skirting Board

They feature a simple groove (or 2!) to give them a modern touch on a simple bullnose design (commonly referred to as pencil round). To make these stand out, the lighting in the room should be given thought.

Our range of Lambs Tongue skirting (has been a featured profile) features sleek skirting board designs that fit many surroundings.

Lambs Tongue 2 MDF Skirting Board

This design is a modern take on a traditional profile (the traditional Lambs Tongue 1 is also popular within the UK).

It is also easy to keep clean which is always a plus point when it comes to skirting boards.

Traditional And Detailed Designs

If it's a detailed piece of skirting board you're after, our Reeded profile designs might take your fancy.

Reeded 3 MDF Skirting Board

Reeded 3 features 3 curves at the top of the profile which flow parallel to one another. This profile design goes well with a tall skirting board.

Monarch 1 MDF Skirting Board

As you can see, our Monarch 1 design is very detailed and features a large profile.

This suits a much more traditional interior and would be well suited on a skirting board that is 220mm tall (or even taller!).

We Can Make Any Design

We try to provide as many profile designs as possible for you to get your perfect skirting board, but everyone has different tastes.

That's why we offer a bespoke service. You send us a picture of the design you're looking for and we will try our best to get a 100% match.

If you're trying to match existing skirting, a small sample piece will enable us to match your design exactly!

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Lee Watkinson

Digital Marketing Director at Skirting World with 10 years of experience in Home Interiors & Manufacturing.