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Don't Forget Your Doors! | Architraves

Don't Forget Your Doors! | Architraves

Posted by Lee Watkinson on 27th Sep 2013

Architraves Are Important Too

Your  skirting boards might look phenomenal, but what about your doors?

An  architrave that matches your skirting can really finish off the look of a room.

Elegance MDF Architrave in 18mm fitted around a door

A single  architrave set consists of 2 legs at 2440mm and 1 head at 1220mm (a double just has a longer head piece at 2440mm). They also come in 18mm and 25mm widths to match your existing skirting.

You can also use  architrave lengths if your doors are not quite the standard sizes. These are available in 2440mm, 3050mm and 4200mm lengths.

When Should I Use Single Sets?

A single architrave set will cover one side of a single door. They consist of 2 legs at 2440mm (just over 2.4 metres) and 1 head at 1220mm (just over 1.2 metres).

As you can see, this will be enough material to cover one side (or face) of a standard UK single door.

If you need to do both sides (or faces) of a single door, you'll need to buy 2 single sets.

When Should I Use Double Sets?

A double architrave set is used to cover one side of a double door. They consist of 2 legs at 2440mm (like the single set) and 1 head at 2440mm (longer than the head of a single set).

This is because a double door normally houses 2 doors within the frame so they are naturally wider than single doors.

If you need to cover both sides (or faces) of a double doorway, you need to order 2 double sets.

Can I Order Lengths Of Architrave Instead?

Yes, of course! There's no right or wrong way - some customers just use sets as it can be easier if you know how many doors you need to cover.

When choosing lengths we offer 2440mm (just over 2.4 metres), 3050mm (just over 3 metres) and 4200mm (4.2 metres).

Victorian 2 MDF Architrave Single Set Installed

2440mm Architrave Length

This size is the most commonly ordered.

One of these lengths will cover a leg section of a door. It will also cover 2 head sections of a door.

3050mm Architrave Length

If you choose the 3 metre length, you will be able to cover one leg section and a head section using 1 piece.

You could also get 3 head sections out of 1 length.

4200mm Architrave Length

The 4.2 metre length used to be very popular as it was the only size to be manufactured using our moisture resistant  HDF material, but now all of our MDF is the same no matter which length you purchase!

Are you now itching to get your hands on some lovely MDF architraves?

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Lee Watkinson

Digital Marketing Director at Skirting World with 10 years of experience in Home Interiors & Manufacturing.