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Posted by Lee Watkinson on 7th Dec 2023

"Architrave" is a strange word to many of us, yet architraves are in every home, including yours! This interior moulding, most commonly used around doors, has a rich and interesting history in architecture, originating in Ancient Greece and persisting till today and likely the foreseeable future. Read on to learn more about architraves, the different types, the interior design princip… Read more
A Guide To Fitting Architraves Around Doors We recently covered how to fit your newly purchased skirtings. Now we're going to explain how to fit architrave around a door! You might be in the process of ripping out the old and replacing the new - a full scale renovation. Or maybe you've had some new doors installed and your architrave needs refreshing too? Either way, this post is here for the avid DIYer to help correctly instal… Read more

Posted by Lee Watkinson on 24th Sep 2018

Comparing Thicknesses Skirting boards and architraves are now seen as an easy way to make a house look better on the inside. With people now getting more choices and opportunities to change up their homes, it's more important than ever to make sure your house gets the grand treatment it truly deserves. Thanks to more profile designs, cheaper but stronger materials & more colour options and finishes on the market, this… Read more

Posted by Lee Watkinson on 3rd Oct 2013

Skirting Samples Can Help! Deciding on the skirting board you want around your home doesn't have to be difficult. We offer samples on all of our profiles you can see online! Make sure that you're making the right choice by ordering some samples to see how they sit in your home or match up to older skirting boards. We have a range of  modern skirting boards as well as traditional! You can have u… Read more