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What Are Architrave Lengths And Architrave Sets?

What Are Architrave Lengths And Architrave Sets?

Posted by Lee Watkinson on 4th Feb 2019

What Are Architrave Lengths And Architrave Sets?

Architraves are mainly used to make doors stand out and help to cover up any imperfections by the frame of the door. This is great for homeowners as the architraves will link up with the skirting boards to complete the look of the house and make it look its best.

The question now is what type of architraves do you buy? Single lengths or sets? Confused about which to get? Which one do you feel is cheaper/better for you? Well, this blog post is here to assist you and hopefully give you a better insight into the subject at hand.

Architrave Lengths

Architrave lengths are basic lengths which can be specified to fit a variety of doors. Although there is a standard UK door size, a lot of houses can have no standard doorways which lengths can help cater for.

This is where the lengths come in. You can get these from 2440mm all the way up to 4200mm!

If you order a 4.2m board, for example, you could do one leg of a standard door and the head as well! Then you could potentially save some money by buying a smaller 2.4m board to finish the door.

Of course, this means you must cut and measure the architraves to suit which can lead to potential mistakes. Thankfully since most single and double UK modern doors are almost all the same size, there is another solution which might be ideal for most people.

Architrave Sets

Architrave sets comprise enough material to cover one whole side of a doorway.

Bevelled MDF Architrave Set

A set will have three pieces included, 2 for covering the left and right legs of a door and 1 for the top head section. It can be easier to work out what you need to order if you are using architrave sets - a single set will contain enough material for one side of a single door frame.

The only downside is if the door is larger than standard, the sets may not provide enough material and you will have to get lengths instead to cover for this.

Sets can only do one side of a single or double door. Therefore, if you need both sides to be covered, you need two sets.

This can start to cost you more than just ordering architrave lengths and cutting the longer lengths to the size you need. It won’t be as convenient however so, bear this in mind. Otherwise going with sets is the easier albeit more expensive option.


Overall, no matter which one you go for, architraves in either sets or lengths have different benefits and weaknesses.

Sets are more convenient but more expensive while lengths can be cheaper but require more work in order to fit on the door properly.

Now that you know the difference between sets and lengths, see which one suits your needs and go and get the dream architrave you’ve always wanted!


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