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Posted by Skirting World on 11th Aug 2023

How To Paint MDF - Like An Expert Painting MDF may seem like a simple task, but there are a lot of precautions to take. Brush strokes, swelling, blotchiness and imperfections can plague an MDF board without proper preparation Follow this step-by-step guide to paint MDF like the experts! Browse Premium MDF Boards 8 Step Guide For Painting MDF Medium density fibreboard (M… Read more

Posted by Skirting World on 10th Aug 2023

The Best Paints For MDF - Ranking & Guide Painting MDF requires careful consideration for a high-quality result. Choosing the wrong primers, acrylics or enamels leads to poor adhesion, quick wearing, cracking, chipping, uneven finishes, and requires repeated re-painting. Learn how to pick the right MDF paints to achieve smooth, durable and professional-quality painted projects.… Read more
Dado Rail Height - Where Should It Sit On The Wall? Dado Rails (also known as chair rails) used to be very practical. Nowadays, they're more for looks. However, do you know where they should sit on the wall? Let's look at the appropriate dado rail height for your home. Dado Rail Height Calculator Calculate the ideal installation height for dado rails using our handy calculator. Enter Wall Height: Measure from floor to c… Read more

Posted by Skirting World on 10th Jul 2023

Window Sill Decor  For British Homes Do you ever look at your window sills and think, "what if?"  What if they were more than just a place to catch dust? - What if they were a canvas for creative expression?  In this article, we'll explore the many possibilities for window sill decor.  From whimsical and playful to sophisticated and elegant, there's something for every style and taste.  1. Pi… Read more