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Posted by Skirting World on 16th Jun 2023

LED Skirting Boards - Everything You Need To Know Skirting Boards with LEDs are an emerging trend in British homes LED Skirting Boards are available premade, or you can DIY your existing skirting boards But, there are potentially huge running costs to consider Browse Skirting Boards with LED Channels What are LED Skirting Boards? LED skirting boards are a type of skirting boar… Read more

Posted by Skirting World on 9th Jun 2023

Skirting Board Heaters - Worth The Cost And Effort? Skirting Board Heaters promise an efficient and visually appealing heating solution Inadequate modern systems can lead to discomfort and cold rooms, while outdated radiators can compromise the aesthetics of a space.  Skirting board heaters offer a unique solution, but there are installation and efficiency challenges to evaluate.  What are Skirting Board H… Read more

Posted by Skirting World on 26th May 2023

Standard UK Door Sizes - Internal & External Doors Doors come in all sizes and dimensions, technically, there is no standard door size. But some are more common than others. Most British homes and door manufacturers have converged on internal and external door sizes. And there are special rules for New Builds. Read on to learn more. Browse Internal Doors Standard Door Siz… Read more

Posted by Lee Watkinson on 15th May 2023

Black Skirting Boards | Inspiration It can be difficult to break the mould and do something a little different when it comes to interior design. But making a bold statement can pay off. In this blog post, we're going to look at how you can use black skirting boards within your home.5 Best Ways To Incorporate Black Skirting Boards Let's jump straight into it so you can see whether you're brave enough to go with black woodwork in your home.1. C… Read more