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Posted by Skirting World on 8th Mar 2024

Window Sill Decor Do you ever look at your window sills and think, "what if? What if they were more than just a place to catch dust. What if they were a canvas for creative expression? In this article we'll explore the many possibilities for window sill decor. From whimsical and playful, to sophisticated and elegant, there's something for every style and taste… Read more
Caulking Skirting Boards Caulking gaps around skirting boards is the final touch for a smooth, professional finish. Follow our simple step-by-step instructions for DIY caulking success. Buy CT1 Sealant & Adhesive Tools & Materials If you already have your skirting board, you only need two tools to start caulking: Caulking cartridge or tube - we recommend acrylic sealant for flexibili… Read more

Posted by Lee Watkinson on 1st Mar 2024

Grey is dominating interior design. But when it comes to skirting boards, not all shades of grey are created equal. Grey skirting boards demand a thoughtful selection of grey, with careful consideration to the shade and complementary colours. A minute difference in shade and intensity of grey can make or break your interior design aesthetic. Grey isn't called "the colour of architecture" for nothing.… Read more

Posted by Skirting World on 22nd Feb 2024

HDF and MDF have both dominated the engineered wood board industry and market since the 1980s. Their popularity is a result of their machinability, affordability, weight, density and several other critical factors. Both HDF and MDF are very similar in structure and formation, yet have drastically different uses, it takes a trained eye and experience to master the use of these fibreboards.… Read more