Adding Colour To A Skirting Board

Posted by Skirting World on 15th Aug 2018

Adding Colour To A Skirting Board

For the longest time, skirting boards have been a necessity. However, other than their intended use (to protect walls) skirting boards were just a boring part of the house.

The idea that the skirting board could look ‘good’ just didn’t seem like a possibility. Thankfully these days, times have changed and so have skirting boards.

Most skirting boards are painted in a white gloss. While this is acceptable, there’s no style to it. This look gives a home a very stale, plain look.

This explains why so many people are looking to move away from this trend. Now, the public want homes which they can feel happy to live in and call home for good.

For those who don’t know, not only can skirting boards be painted in any colour you wish, you can also change the designs too.

Forget the Bullnose and Torus - now you can have a quick look on the internet and find some great designs for your home. Soon, you’ll be thankful you worked hard on finding the right skirting boards and colours to suit your home.

Detailed Monarch MDF Skirting Board Fitted

Ironically the trend to paint skirting boards was first seen in the Georgian era. These people would paint their skirting boards different colours.

This was shown to be their way of signifying how powerful they were but, it also helped make their homes seem much more grand and bigger than they really were.

The trend fell away after the World Wars as it was cheaper and more efficient to mass produce homes with white skirting boards only. The trend has come back in full force in recent times however.

But now the question is, if you do decide on wanting to paint your skirting board, how should you go about it? What would the drawbacks and benefits be?

Well, for starters you will need to decide what look you want. Once you decide this, you’ll first have to inspect your skirting boards. If they are old, feel brittle or weak or have to many layers of paint or coating on them, you’ll need to replace them completely.

If replacing them is an option, you’ll need to choose a design for the skirting board. Thankfully there’s many design options out there. A quick search on the internet will make finding your design choice much easier and quicker than ever.

After you’ve done that, you will have to decide on the wall colour - think about how the skirting board will contrast with the colour of your wall.

With this newfound knowledge, you can make the house feel very different inside.

A house with bright walls and matching skirting boards, which is a standard modern look will make the house look bigger than it really is and will blend nicely with the surroundings.

Another quick example here is to have rooms with different coloured walls and skirting. The effect this will have varies depending on the wall colour and skirting board colour.

The effect that will stay constant however, is the room will really standout from the rest of the surroundings. The design will pull your eyes towards it and will make the home feel full of vibrance and life.

With that, here are some tips which should also help you with deciding whether painting your skirting boards is the right way to go for you:

Choosing The Right Colours

When deciding on painting skirting boards, you must consider what type of vibe you wish to have for your home. As stated above, different combinations of paint, brightness and skirting board profiles will affect how it feel to be within the home.

Bright colours will make the home look bright and lively, whereas darker colours will make a deeper contrast look. Which is to say darker and adds atmosphere.

This look can also have a side effect of making the rooms look much wider and taller than normal. A good effect if you are looking to make your home seem massive on the inside.

Checking Designs And Inspecting Existing Skirting Boards

Depending on what you want to, you may or may not have to replace the existing skirting boards in your home. The reasons very but, common examples include:

  • Skirting boards need replacement due to old age
  • Skirting boards look damaged and cannot be painted over
  • The finish on the skirting boards look poor or appear to be painted over too many times
  • The design on the skirting board does not match with my vision for the home

These factors will determine if you will have to replace or keep your existing skirting board. Thankfully, skirting boards are cheap to buy and don’t take much effort to replace.

Making The Right Atmosphere

Depending on your home and the kind of vibe you want to give off, you’ll have to think carefully about the colours of the walls, the space in your home and how you want guests to feel once the changes are made. Remember:

  • If you want to make a room seem bigger than it really is, use lighter colours. Darker colours will draw you in, making the room seem much smaller in comparison.
  • Creating more ceiling space can be achieved if you make either the walls and ceilings white so that everything blends in. Alternatively, you can add colour and make sure they are lighter in tone compared to the rest of the house.


Adding colours to skirting boards is now in fashion. This trend is making styles of houses that were never thought possible for most people. The benefits of adding colour also effect the house environment is positive ways too. This shows how moving away from just white walls and skirting boards is worth having a looking into. So, what are you waiting for? Start changing your house today!