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Can You Use MDF Skirting Boards In A Bathroom?

Can You Use MDF Skirting Boards In A Bathroom?

Posted by Lee Watkinson on 12th Sep 2018

Can You Use MDF Skirting Boards In A Bathroom?

We hear this question a lot and it's becoming more common too. A lot of the time, when you hear MDF you instantly associate it with swelling when in contact with water.

However, fear not! Every single product we offer on our website in MDF is made using the very best MDF we've been able to source on the market - and it's moisture resistant!

White bathtub with skirting

Moisture Resistant VS Waterproof

If you're ordering from a different company, we can't guarantee that the MDF they use will be up to the standard of our own.

With that being said, we know our MDF skirting boards are fine for use in an average bathroom. However, we need to point out that our moisture resistant skirting is not waterproof.

Moisture resistant MDF is made for use in areas where the moisture content in the air is higher than normal - for instance, an average bathroom.

The properties given to the material during the manufacturing process prevent the boards from sucking up moisture that may be present in the air.

In a normal everyday bathroom, there will be moisture in the air. Our MDF skirting boards can easily cope with this due to their moisture resistant properties.

Moisture Resistant Doesn't Mean Waterproof

Now that you know you can use our MDF skirting boards safely in your bathroom, we do have to address another issue.

They're not waterproof. Prolonged exposure to water will cause the MDF to swell. For this reason, we wouldn't recommend using MDF skirting boards in a wet room.

The same can also be said for areas that are prone to flooding. You would see the boards swell and distort under these conditions.

The phrase moisture resistant is used to describe boards that have a very dense core. This prevents the material from absorbing moisture and ensures that it lasts a lifetime (if not more!).

Priming / Undercoating Adds Another Layer Of Protection

We always recommend choosing our undercoated option when you order skirting boards from us. As well as making decorating much easier, it adds more protection to the boards.

Our MDF is already moisture resistant, but a coat of primer and undercoat will improve this. It helps to create a seal against the moisture present in the air.

When you buy undercoated skirting from us, you'll see that we don't apply the finish to the reverse side of the board (the surface that sits against the wall). There are a few reasons for this:

Keeping Cost Down

Because we don't prime / undercoat the back of the boards, we can keep our priming and undercoating costs low and continue to be the cheapest skirting board supplier in regard to finishes.

It's Unnecessary

We use the best MDF we can get our hands on - it truly is the most superior version around.

When we add a design to the board, we break the seal of the MDF - this is where the finishing helps with added protection against moisture.

Because we don't machine the back, the already tough seal is intact. Adding primer or undercoat to the rear face would therefore add no real benefit to the end user.

Some people are led to believe that adding a layer of primer 'balances' the skirting board. In other words, to stop them from warping.

This may help when using a standard grade MDF. However, the industrial grade MDF we use is the densest on the market and simply doesn't need to be balanced.

Note: if you do need the skirting boards to be primed / undercoated all over, this isn't a problem. We can do this for you when requested and the priming/undercoating cost is increased due to the extra paint needed.


The bottom line is that our MDF skirting boards are perfect for use in bathrooms. If you're going to use them in a bathroom, make sure you make use of our priming/undercoating service to further protect the boards.


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