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Buying Guide | Skirting Boards Explained Buying skirting boards online can be a daunting task. With so many sizes to choose, where do you start? On our product pages, we have multiple drop down boxes that contain multiple selections. For skirting boards alone, there's 5 drop down boxes and over 20 different selections to choose from! This can be quite confusing to some customers. However, all the options are necessary to make sure you get… Read more

Posted by Lee Watkinson on 24th Sep 2018

Comparing Thicknesses Skirting boards and architraves are now seen as an easy way to make a house look better on the inside. With people now getting more choices and opportunities to change up their homes, it's more important than ever to make sure your house gets the grand treatment it truly deserves. Thanks to more profile designs, cheaper but stronger materials & more colour options and finishes on the market, this… Read more

Posted by Lee Watkinson on 20th Sep 2018

Buying Guide | Window Boards Explained When it comes to window boards (some people call them window sills), we already have a wide range of sizes for you to choose from. But don't think that that's all we offer! If you have a custom size in mind, we'll accommodate it for you! This post will help you order a window board by selecting our standard sizes. We'll explain every option so you can be sure you're ordering the right thing… Read more

Posted by Lee Watkinson on 29th Aug 2018

Buying Guide | Architraves Explained Generally speaking, most people will choose an architrave to match their skirting. Luckily enough, we have matching architraves for all of our skirting designs. When you land on our architrave product pages, you’ll be met with 4 drop down boxes. They contain over 10 different options to choose from. An option from each dropdown box must be selected before you can add the architrave to th… Read more