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Top 10 Most Popular Types Of Skirting Board Profiles

Top 10 Most Popular Types Of Skirting Board Profiles

Posted by Lee Watkinson on 17th Jun 2019

Top 10 Most Popular Types Of Skirting Board Profiles

We've got a huge selection of designs - over 100 of them (even more if we count the ones not included online)! This post is all about the most popular types of  skirting board profiles that are available to purchase directly on our website.

We've found it quite surprising! There's a mixture of very different profiles in the top 10 purchased designs - plain ones, decorative ones,  modern and traditional!

So, let's jump straight in!

Top 10 Skirting Board Profiles

Before we get into the reasons why these types of skirting boards are purchased more than others, here's a list of them starting with the best seller:

  1. Bullnose
  2. Square
  3. 330
  4. 15mm Grooved
  5. Chamfer Round
  6. Stepped 2
  7. 324
  8. Chamfer
  9. Georgian
  10. Ovolo

There you have it! The majority of customers that buy skirting from us choose one of these designs. But why?

Now we're going to dig deeper into each design and why we think they are so popular.

Bullnose MDF Skirting Board

Bullnose Design - MDF Skirting Board

The most popular design award goes to... Bullnose (also referred to as  pencil round skirting)! You might look at this and wonder why.

It's definitely not the most decorative. Some might even say it's slightly dull or boring. Its one and only feature is the 10mm radius that forms the round on the top front edge.

But actually, the lack of features helps it to work within almost any interior. It won't take away from the other features in the room if you'd prefer the attention to be elsewhere.

Another reason why this design is chosen so often is because of how easy it is to maintain.

Cleaning them is simple as there's nowhere for dust to settle and hide. They're also easy to paint as the surface is almost completely flat (apart from the small round).

It's also a top choice for carpenters and other tradesmen because it can be  easy to install and mitre due to the lack of decoration.

We've got quite the wealth of  bullnose style skirting to choose from.

Square MDF Skirting Board

Square Design - MDF Skirting Board

This was a surprise to us! A skirting board with no design on it whatsoever, just clean and straight edges.

However, we live in a modern world where clean and crisp lines are very much a big part of interior design. This may help explain why the Square design is so popular.

This design is also popular within shops and other places where nothing fancy is needed - just something to do the job and something you don't need to worry too much about getting knocked or scuffed.

We've also had customers use this design in their own homes. We believe this to be for the same reasons as why some people choose Bullnose - simplicity.

330 MDF Skirting Board

330 Design - MDF Skirting Board

If you're looking for a traditional design, 330 has you covered.

The design is around 54mm and features  'ogee' style curves and scoops. It's an average design size and is generally purchased in 145mm and 170mm heights.

Because it's a traditional design, it works best in a traditional setting but there's no reason why you couldn't use it in a modern setting - especially if you want to use them as a feature.

We think that this design is popular because it's decorative but not over the top. Also, because the design isn't huge it works on shorter skirting boards which are purchased more often than the taller alternatives.

15mm Grooved MDF Skirting Board

15mm Grooved Design - MDF Skirting Board

So, we've got another modern design in the top ranks! It's the 15mm Grooved design which is similar to Square but with a 15mm x 5mm groove as its feature.

Again this design is popular for many reasons - it's simple, easy to clean and install, and modern.

We think you'd need to have a modern interior for this design to work and look its best. If you match it up with the  architrave, it creates a seamless look around the room.

If you're feeling adventurous, you could use this profile along with some LED strip lighting to create a really unique look!

Chamfer Round MDF Skirting Board

Chamfer Round Design - MDF Skirting Board

Another simple style is in the top 10! Here we have Chamfer Round which perfectly describes the shape - chamfered with a round on the top!

This design is popular because it's a pretty standard design available from a lot of places. It's also found in many homes so customers purchase it to  match in with their existing skirting boards.

Stepped 2 MDF Skirting Board

Stepped 2 Design - MDF Skirting Board

Stepped 2 screams modern. It simply features 2 steps at an identical height.

It goes without saying that this design would work really well in a modern and contemporary setting.

It's also easy to add your final finish as it doesn't have any grooves to get inside of.

We think that this design works well in 145mm and 170mm heights. Even though it's a simple design, it really does draw attention to itself within the home.

324 MDF Skirting Board

324 Design - MDF Skirting Board

This design is very similar to the common  Torus style but features an extra touch to make it stand out.

The usual curve you see on all Torus shapes is there. However, the little scoop section added to the top really sets it apart. Maybe this is why it's one of our best sellers!

It's simple enough to be used in a modern setting but we think it lends itself to a traditional setting due to its Torus roots.

Chamfer MDF Skirting Board

Chamfer Design - MDF Skirting Board

Another plain and simple design has entered the ranks!

The  Chamfered skirting design simply features a chamfer that is 40mm in height - nothing else, all straight lines here!

Again, this is a design that is seen already in a lot of homes and this may be purchased to match up to the existing pieces (where people rip fireplaces out or build extensions).

It can work in any interior as it's simple and clean looking.

Georgian MDF Skirting Board

Georgian Design - MDF Skirting Board

Traditional and fancy with curves in all the right places!

Our Georgian design is a top choice for traditional interiors and  taller skirting boards.

Its name suggests that it is an older style design from a past era and you can tell this just by looking at it!

Definitely one to choose if you're planning on making a statement with the skirtings and architraves.

Ovolo MDF Skirting Board

Ovolo Design - MDF Skirting Board

The final addition to our Top 10 list of skirting board designs - is our  Ovolo skirting profile!

This is another design that you may well have seen from other suppliers and in homes around the UK.

It's been around for years and is similar to the Lambs Tongue range of skirting.

Due to its age, it works well in traditional setting but we've also seen it in modern and contemporary interiors due to its simple shape.

It's another one that won't collect dust and is pretty easy to install.


As you can see, we've got a mixed bag of designs in our Top 10. From plain and simple modern designs to intricate traditional ones.

If you're struggling to choose from our huge range of over 100, this post should help you narrow it down!

If you still have questions regarding any of the designs on our website,  don't hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly team members are knowledgeable in all aspects of our skirting boards and are waiting on the other end of the phone to help!


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