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MDF Mouldings | Skirting Boards & Architrave | Free Delivery

MDF Mouldings | Skirting Boards & Architrave | Free Delivery

Posted by Lee Watkinson on 7th Aug 2019

MDF Mouldings

MDF Skirting Boards (MDF Mouldings) MDF Architrave (MDF Mouldings)

We pride ourselves on the quality of MDF mouldings that we manufacture and supply to customers all over the UK.

We use the  best MDF we can physically get our hands on to produce our MDF skirting boards and MDF architraves.

100 Mouldings To Choose From

From traditional to modern - you'll be spoilt for choice if you choose to buy MDF mouldings from us. In both skirtings and architraves, you can choose from over 100 different shapes.

Why Are They Called MDF Mouldings?

You've probably heard of MDF mouldings (hence why you searched for them and landed here!). However, why are they called this?

Well, it's simply down to the way the shape is formed onto the MDF. In most cases, they are moulded onto the material using a moulder (heavy woodwork machinery) - hence the name, mouldings!

However, they're generally referred to by their product name in this day and age - be that  skirting boardsarchitravespicture rails, etc.

Traditional And Modern Styles

Within the 100 designs we offer, you'll see a range of both modern and traditional styles.

Modern style mouldings are usually plain and simple compared to their traditional counterparts. Our stepped designs and grooved designs are amongst the most popular modern designs.

Stepped 2 MDF Skirting Board (Modern Moulding) 15mm Grooved MDF Skirting Board (Modern Moulding)

Traditional style mouldings normally feature lots of curves, intricate detailing and are larger compared to the modern designs.

For example, our Period design is a large moulding and as such is available in a minimum width / height of 120mm (just under 5 inches). Our Ogee 1 design is classed as traditional due to how long the shape has been around and it can be found in properties all over the UK.

Period MDF Skirting Board (Traditional Moulding) Ogee 1 MDF Skirting Board (Traditional Moulding)


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