How To Scribe A Skirting Board To The Floor

Posted by Skirting World on 3rd Jul 2020

How To Scribe A Skirting Board To The Floor

When fitting new skirting boards, you might find that uneven floors leave unsightly gaps between the floor and the bottom of the skirting. If this is the case, you'll be wanting to know how to scribe a skirting board to the floor.

Do You Need To Scribe The Skirting?

If you can live with the gaps, the short answer is no.

Generally, these gaps will only be visible if you have wooden or laminate flooring. If you're having carpet fitted, this should hide the gaps.

However, if you do have solid flooring and you can see gaps below the skirting board that bother you, you'll need to scribe them so that they sit flush with the floor.

What Tools Do You Need To Get Started?

Here's a list of everything you'll need to scribe skirting boards:

Step By Step Guide

If you're ready to start scribing, here's our step by step guide.

1. Dry Fit The Skirting Board

For the first step, you'll want to cut the skirting board to size and 'dry fit' it to the wall.

Step 1 - Dry Fix The Skirting Board To The Wall

This means putting it in place without actually fixing it to the wall.

If you find that there are no gaps between the floor and the bottom of the skirting, you're good to go! You can continue to fix the skirting to the wall.

If you see gaps, you'll need to scribe the boards.

2. Marking The Skirting

In the video above, you'll see that we have used a thin piece of material to sit the pencil on top of whilst we draw the line.

Step 2 - Mark The Skirting Board Ready For Scribing

The pencil line will then follow the floor shape - the end result will be a line below which the material will be removed and the skirting board will sit flush with the floor!

3. Remove The Material From The Bottom Of The Skirting

Now you know where you need to go up to (thanks to the line you've just drawn), you can begin removing material from the bottom of the skirting board!

Step 3 - Scribe The Skirting Board Up To The Marked Line

You'll need to remove the skirting from the wall and place it in such a way that gives you easy access to the bottom. Tressels or a vice would work well.

You now simply use the block plane (as seen in the video) to start removing the area of skirting board up to the line!

Once you've finished scribing up to the line, you can dry fix the skirting again to check if all the gaps have disappeared.

This will help you see if there is anywhere that needs a slight alteration before permanently fixing the skirting to the wall.

4. Fix The Scribed Skirting Board To The Wall

If you're happy with the results from step 3, you can simply install the skirting board as normal. Finally, step back and admire your DIY skills!

Step 4 - Fix The Scribed Skirting Board To The Wall Permanently


So there you have it -  a perfectly scribed skirting board. We hope that this post has helped you and if you're looking for further help with fitting skirting boards, be sure to check out our guide!