Dado Rail Height | Where Should It Sit On The Wall?

Posted by Skirting World on 16th Sep 2020

Dado Rail Height - Where Should It Sit On The Wall?

Dado rails (also known as chair rail) used to be very practical. Nowadays, they're more for looks. However, do you know where they should sit on the wall? Let's look at the appropriate dado rail height for your home.

Dado Rail Height - Where Should It Be Installed?

How High Should The Dado Rail Be From The Floor?

Firstly, there's no set rule as to how high the dado rail should be fitted. However, when fitted at the the most common height it can help to achieve the desired look.

Dado rails used to be used primarily to protect the wall from the back of chairs (rather than being more aesthetic as they are now).

The lower third of the wall is the most common area where dado rails are installed. So how do you work this height out?

Calculating The Dado Rail Height

To work out where you should install the dado rail, we recommend this simple calculation:

Wall height divided by 5 then doubled

For instance, if your wall height is 2400mm (2.4m) you would divide this by 5 to get 480mm (0.48m).

Then you simply double 480mm to get 960mm (0.96m).

With this in mind, you'd be safe to install the dado rail anywhere between 900mm (0.9m) and 1000mm (1m) above floor level.

What If I Prefer The Dado Rail Higher Or Lower Than You Recommend?

When it comes to choosing the height for the dado, we can only give you a recommendation based on the most common height of fitment.

Should you not agree, then that's OK! At the end of the day, it's your home and your personal preference as to where you think the dado rail will look best.