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Buying Guide | Skirting Boards Explained Buying skirting boards online can be a daunting task. With so many sizes to choose, where do you start? On our product pages, we have multiple drop down boxes that contain multiple selections. For skirting boards alone, there's 5 drop down boxes and over 20 different selections to choose from! This can be quite confusing to some customers. However, all the options are necessary to make sure you get… Read more

Posted by Lee Watkinson on 10th Aug 2018

Is It Time To Modernise Your Skirting Boards? Skirting boards tend to get knocked around throughout their life - maybe it's time for a little TLC. We want our homes to look the best they can possibly be. In this case, there’s a way to fix the ugly or worn out skirting boards and make them how you’ve always wanted. We live in different times now. There was a period where  skirting boards were always painted… Read more