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What Is The Rebate Option For?

The rebate option is used to add a machined channel in the back of a skirting board, think of it like a gap created at the bottom of the rear of the skirting board.

Rebated skirting boards help to hide unsightly wires, pipes and cables by hiding them inside the machined channel.

Do I Need A Rebate On My Skirting Boards?

Do you have wires or pipes that could be hidden behind your new skirting? If so, a rebate might be the perfect solution! Our standard rebate size is 20mm x 12mm, which is ideal for accommodating small wires and cables. However, if you need to conceal pipes behind your skirting, a larger custom rebate might be necessary. We offer custom rebate options at an additional cost – just contact us for a quote!

Covering Old Skirting Boards?

Skirting board covers are designed to be fitted directly on top of your existing skirting board, for a streamlined room renovation. Nothing is compromised or taken away, our skirting covers look just like standard skirting boards, but feature a rebate (empty space) on the rear to accommodate your existing skirting boards.

Simply measure your existing skirting boards and select the height larger than it on the product page.

Bullnose Skirting Board Cover

Cable Management With Rebated Skirting Boards

Rebated skirting boards are the perfect choice for homeowners looking for a practical and aesthetically pleasing cable management solution. Rebates offer a cable channel for hiding cables inside your skirting and keeping them out of sight. Ethernet cables often run through many British properties, and can experience costly wear and tear from knocks, scuffs and collisions when exposed, not to forget the trip hazard posed by exposed wiring. This is especially important in high-foot traffic areas and homes with children. Pet owners will also appreciate the added benefit of keeping cables out of reach from curious pets who might chew or damage them.

Skirting board with a cable rebate

Rebated Skirting Board For Pipes

Rebated skirting boards were originally created for their pipe concealing benefits. A pipe rebate on your skirting offers a discrete channel to house central heating and plumbing pipes. By integrating pipes into the skirting, rebates minimise potential damage and leaks, creating a safer environment. The concealed design is particularly beneficial in areas with heavy foot traffic, as it prevents accidents caused by exposed pipes, a common occurence when moving furniture and large appliances. Our skirting board rebates are available in MDF (medium-density fibreboard), which offers an aesthetically superior alternative to PVC pipe covers, which lack the intricate skirting profiles and mouldings.

Skirting board with a pipe rebate

Recessed Skirting Board Profiles

Our wide range of skirting board profiles offers recessed and rebated designs, with grooves, shadow lines and large channels. Featuring rebates and recesses on the front face, these designs provide channels which can be used to integrate LED lighting, to create contrasting sections when interplayed with lighting and to generate shadow line or shadow gap effects. Or simply to offer a unique design with a forward rebate.