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What is the rebate option for?

This option is used to add a rebate to the back of a skirting board. Rebated skirting boards help to hide unsightly wires and pipes.The Rebate Option

Do I need a rebate?

Do you have wires or pipes that could be hidden behind your new skirting? If the answer is yes, you could use a rebate. Our standard rebate is 20mm x 12mm and is big enough to hold small wires and cables. If you want to hide pipes behind your skirting, it stands a chance that you will need a much larger rebate. We are able to do this at an extra cost and can do a custom size rebate - just get in touch and we can quote this for you.

I can't remove my existing skirting. Can I cover it up using this option?

If you need to cover existing skirting, you will need to measure the height and thickness in order to calculate the rebate size needed.

For example, if your existing skirting is 120mm tall and 15mm thick, the rebate would want to be approx. 125mm tall and 16mm deep to ensure the new board fits over the old. The height of the new skirting will need to be taller than the existing.

If you were choosing a very small design like Bullnose, we would advise having the new skirting at 145mm so that there is enough space between the design and the top of the rebate. This helps to keep the board as strong as possible. If you were choosing a design like Ogee 1 (design is approx. 50mm) you would need to have the new skirting at around 195mm as the design is much larger.

UPDATE: We now manufacture skirting board covers out of MDF to solve the very problem of covering old skirting with new ones!