MDF Window Sills

Moisture Resistant MDF Window Sills

Our MDF window sills (also known as a window board) are perfect for use inside the home. They are made out of our premium moisture resistant HDF so they won't swell or warp like softwood equivalents.

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Many Sizes Available

We currently have many different widths and lengths to choose from. However, if you don't see the size that's right for you we can also custom make the window sill you require.

As standard, we offer 18mm and 25mm thicknesses as these are the most common throughout the UK.

Primed And Ready To Paint

If you choose to have the sills primed, you can rest assured that they will be ready for a top coat of paint. Our priming service is 2 coats of water based primer for a smooth and even finish. It also includes sanding to remove any imperfections before they are received by yourself.

Bullnosed Front Edge

Our window sills are bullnosed on the front edge as standard. However, we can also leave them square if you so wish.

The bullnose is a full round - starts on the top face and goes all the way round to the bottom face.

Is It Window Sill Or Window Cill?

Here in the UK, we commonly spell it as sill. However, you will see instances where it is written as cill.

The good news is that both are correct and they are both the same thing!

Where Do You Use A Window Sill?

Window sills are generally fitted to the ledge of a window (the horizontal surface on the interior side of a window frame).

However, we have had many customers use them to build shelving such as a bookcase. We have the ability to add a bullnose to multiple edges and even leave them square if required.

MDF window sills can't be used externally, but when made from other materials they can be. When used in this way, they slope slightly to drain away rain water.