UK Feature Walls

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Our sister company, UK Feature Walls, stock a variety of brick effect and decorative stone feature wall tiles.

UK Feature Walls - Brick Slips, Brick Veneers, Brick Tiles, Stone Veneers, Split Face Tiles

You can place orders through the website and over the phone. To visit the website, just click the logo above (a new window will open showing the UK Feature Walls homepage).

Brick effect feature wall tiles (also known as brick veneers or brick slips) are great if you're going for a natural brick look. Below are some images of the products you can find on the UK Feature Walls website.

Old White Brick Slips

Decorative stone feature wall tiles can provide a more modern and striking effect.  Below are some images of the products available from UK Feature Walls.

Decorative Graphite Stone Veneers

Below, you will see some images of the tiles once they have been installed. To see more, simply click the UK Feature Walls logo at the top of this page or visit