Square HDF Skirting Board

Square HDF Skirting Board


Square HDF Skirting Description


Our Square skirting is as simple as it gets. If you're looking for crisp edges, this is the design for you. You'll notice that this profile is cheaper than the others - this is because we don't have to put a design on the board making the manufacturing process quicker.

It's a breeze to clean because there's nowhere for dust to hide!

You're currently viewing our Square HDF Skirting in 18mm thickness. We also produce this design in MDF and Pine - just search the design name and chosen material in the search box to find the one you're looking for.

The picture depicts a 145mm high skirting. The design never changes size so the plain part of the skirting will decrease and increase as you change the height of the board.


Profile Size: no profile, this is just a square edge skirting board.

Size: Product sold in 4200mm lengths in sizes 70mm - 400mm (widths). The thickness is 18mm.

Finish: Primer coat sprayed by our in house French Polisher for an excellent smooth undercoat. Product requires final paint finish.

Rebate: Rebate option is available for an easy-fix cable management solution for hiding surface wiring or pipe work.

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