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What is MDF and why use it for skirting boards?


Choosing a design for your skirting can be pretty hard these days due to the variety available on the internet. Choosing the material to use can be an even harder choice due to the pros and cons of each material. We use MDF for almost all of the skirting we manufacture, but...

What is MDF?

Believe it or not, we get quite a few customers who will ask the question - 'what is MDF?'. We start by saying that MDF stands for Medium Density Fibreboard.

It is a manmade material and is often found in products like furniture for your home. MDF is manufactured using wood fibres that are gathered from hardwoods and softwoods that have been broken down. High temperatures and pressures are used along with waxes and resins to bind the wood fibers together and make the sheets of MDF that we use to create skirting boards.

So, you're no longer asking the question 'what is mdf?'. Now you want to know...

Why use MDF over softwoods like Pine or hardwoods like Oak?

When our customers ask us what material we recommend they use for their skirting and architrave, we always tell them that MDF is the best option for many reasons (we also recommend HDF, but that's for another post!):

  • MDF is cheaper than almost every other common material used to create skirting boards.
  • MDF is made to last and will generally last for as long as the property it is used within.
  • The surface of MDF is smooth making the final paint finish smooth also. This is a benefit of not having a grain and imperfections such as knots and holes commonly found in materials like Pine.
  • MDF won't expand and contract like wood

If you need extra protection against moisture (issues with damp, bathrooms, etc.), HDF is the material we would recommend but generally MDF should be perfect for most households.

All of our products are available in MDF - this includes skirting, architraves, window boards and door frames.

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