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How to fit skirting boards

So you've just got your hands on some nice new skirting boards. Now it's time to install them. Here's some of our tips on how to fit skirting boards.


How to fit skirting boards with Gripfill

We sell a product called Gripfill that is a fantastic adhesive. When our customers ask us what they should use to fit their new skirting boards, we recommend this product because we know it does what it says on the tin. Fitting skirting boards with Gripfill couldn't be easier - put some on the back of the board and stick it to the wall. That's the short version, but it is still very simple to use and super effective in the long run.


We recommend making sure that the back of the skirting board is as clean as possible and dust free. This applies to the wall on which the skirting board is going to be fitted. Once this is done, put a line of Gripfill on the back of the skirting board - starting from one end and finishing at the other.

Next, align the skirting board with the wall you are fitting it to and firmly push it against the wall. Hold it in place firmly for around a minute. Finally, we recommend using two small pins in either end of the skirting board to secure it to the wall whilst the Gripfill dries. This is optional, but will make sure the skirting board sits in place while the Gripfill gets to work.


How to fit skirting boards with plugs and screws

Using this method is reliable and can be quicker than waiting around for adhesives to dry. The downfall is that you will be left with visible holes that will have to be filled in.

First of all, simply use a pilot drill to create holes in skirting boards for the screws. You may want to do this whilst the skirting boards are positioned where you want them to be so that you can drill into the wall for the plug to be inserted. You can also countersink the holes in the skirting boards using a larger drill - this will hide the screws away and make it easier to fill them in.

Once the holes are done (and the plugs are in the wall) you simply put the skirting board into position and secure them to the wall using screws. The final step would be filling in the screw holes to give the skirting boards a smooth and even look.

These are just our tips to help you fit your skirting boards. You can find more information here.

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